Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 14

D was having his 9-80 off day today and he attended the class with Yvette. For more than an hour I was away! I went shopping! Yvette was with D! But I understand from D, she did ask for me after the Craft Time but she remained well behaved till I reappeared in front of her. She was soooo happy to see me again! It melts my heart!

Here the craft she did. (Another activity was making sandwiches.)


I took over the class during snack time. Exactly the same of snack she had yesterday. Flooded with sausages seriously!


Here’s Yvette at Free Play.


And she and this little girl always hang around with each other from time to time.


The class ended well with bubbles bubbles. (Couldn’t take a nice picture of her during the play.)


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