Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 14 (Stand-in)

One of the tough morning I ever had!

Waking up late, spending most of my time coaxing Yvette to bathe! I was like pulling my hair this morning running against time!


In the end, we were not late, in fact we hardly been early!!! When I knock the door of the classmate this morning, I see nobody and the teacher inside told me I am EARLY!


We learnt a rhyme about Triangle. I try to google and search from Youtube, apparently this song isn’t  common. (It’s nice song!)


Yvette finally willingly doing craft involving paint. But she was still very  conscious.

JGC T3 Wk Thurs

Here’s the end product which look like a house to me.


There was reading aloud and the ending was surprising. The teacher pasted the triangle at the end of the book.



During Bear Time, Yvette and her pal all went under Table. (Decided not to edit the photo for brightness.)


But she did the activity – drawing a triangle after Drama.


School fee is going to go up for next term for this class because the tots have many many sausages! Yvette had many too!!!


Her comfort zone now!!! She was there again during Music and Movement!


Her happiest moment! Getting the stamp from her teacher!


Yes, today is the last lesson for us. May will be back next week. Not sure Yvette is going to miss this class or not?


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