A Break Thru For Yvette on Learning Chinese

Yeah, finally, I get Yvette to learn more about Chinese and recognising the characters. A area where I put the least effort.

After dropping the idea of homeschool (last lesson was on 13th June’10) when Yvette was 25 mths, we put in most of our time doing reading and playing toys.

Day in Day out, we read.

We read many books, many times every day. I finally get her to fall in love with two series of book and she loves it so much I have to read a few of them each day. Her favourite book now that I must read with her, (yeah, she read them together with me now! Hooray…) are 甜甜吹泡泡 & 甜甜去买东西。There is a relationship of these two books. Both books talk about colour.

26 mths10

Yes, Yvette is rather sensitive over colour and teaching Yvette colour is very easy. With that, I work on Yvette interest and teach Yvette word thru this book. Soon, she can recognise all the (colour) words in this book and they are:红,橙,黄,绿,蓝,紫,黑,白,灰,棕。


After she could recognise all those words, she started to read this simple book too. (yeah, finally make her a Chinese reader!)


From this book, she learns new words – 色,这是,还有。

一 到 十 thru this book.


Currently we are working on this book. I am happy to learn that she could recognise word like 吃,站,哭,笑。


and this book – 苹果,橙,梨,葡萄。


I hope she could master all the characters in these two books soon so that we can move on.

Thru homeschooling, I know she could recognise some character (animals) like 猫, 狗,鱼,海豚 so yesterday I found a new application and I downloaded tat for her to learning more animal from Appstore. (Of course thru 甜甜 & 鼠小弟 , Yvette learn word like 兔子,青蛙,松鼠,大象.)

I never teach Yvette Chinese using Flash card method, or using TV. 我会读 and reading seem to work very well on my child.

To me, the trick in learning Chinese is never give up even they are not interested. (In JGC, there are many tots who are not Chinese master our mother tongue very well.)


8 thoughts on “A Break Thru For Yvette on Learning Chinese

    • In KL, the popular there have many good books and CD.

      Try getting 说说唱唱 there. (Half a price you pay in SG) It’s highly recommended by Sam and I find it is good too.

  1. Hey babe,
    which chinese apps you using ?
    me tinkin to dwl but dun find the one i had suitable for his age yet.


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