Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 13

Time running late for us in the morning after cooking lunch for my FIL and ourselves. (Yeah, sometimes I gungho, I will cook porridge for my FIL (He only wants porridge) and cook noodles/fried rice for ourselves.)


Luckily, we managed to catch the bus and reached school timely.

Here’s Yvette with Teacher Lee during the self-introduction.


I like the confident look of Yvette when she was holding the Magic Box with her classmates.


I like the crafts they did today. More meaningful as compared to yesterday lesson. A sunflower and a Christmas Tree.



The power of peer pressure! Yvette has never like to wear an apron during craft but then she saw her classmate wearing so she requested me to let her have it!!!


I can’t help but I really think the Mandarin Lesson is really more value for money as compare to the English Lesson. (Oh yes, Mandarin is slightly cheaper too.) I like the simple drama the teachers put forward using a bag to reinforce learning on Triangle.


Yummy, Yvette had 2 serving of fruit today. But she wasn’t keen on eating the cheese anymore.


She loves this. She always play this during the Free Play.


My lazy bone during the Music and Movement.


It was pouring after class and luckily we were sheltered all the way.

6 thoughts on “Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 13

  1. Yvette looks like she’s enjoying herself. My boy is starting Chinese playclub at JG next Tues. Glad to hear that you think the Chinese classes are better value for money than the English ones.

      • I’m not sure who the teacher is yet. And didn’t have time to check out how to get pro-rated rates. Will it automatically be given? My mom has an appointment next Tues so I’m on leave and can attend the first class with my boy 🙂

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