Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 13 (Stand-in)

I heart this picture. I took this picture in the lift.


The topic of today lesson is Triangle. So they did a few activities.

Making sandwich. Yvette almost finished the whole bread. (As usual, she ate very little for breakfast.)


Paint a turtle.


Read a book about the shape and did an activity. This activity required help from us parent. Once the music stop, the tots need to land on the triangle on the floor.



After all the tiring activities, the tots must be hungry but Yvette couldn’t finish her snack. Perhaps the bread is still in her tummy.


In JGC, they believe in letting the tots expressing themselves. (As long as they are not harming themselves.) After doing all the funny dance moves, Yvette prefer to sit under table till the Music and Movement was finally over.


She definitely able to entertain herself during Free Play. I was so busy chatting with other mummies!



5 thoughts on “Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 13 (Stand-in)

  1. Chloe does exactly that during music & movement!!! Till now I still cannot figure why?
    Usually I ignore her and join in others, in hope that she finds it interesting but haven’t been successful so far.

    What is so nice under the table???

    • Actually is not the first tot that went under table and that day is the first time she doing it. I also choose to ignore her as I am sitting at another side of the classroom. I zoom to take a picture of her, finding her look “cute” under there.

      Our girls can be good pal in class if they happen to be in the same class. So naughty and cheeky!

  2. my son runs away when it’s flashcard time and plays at the other end of the room with a BIG grin on his face. I think he’s bored with the flashcards in the music class!!!

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