Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 12

After our appointment at National Skin Centre, D came along with us to the school.

I am thankful he came along not because he helped me to go class with Yvette in the first hour but he kept his promise. He only slept for 2 hours the night before due to his work commitment. (Yeah, he need to work from home from time to time.)

So, I have an hour rest this morning. I sat outside the class for almost an hour waiting for my turn to enter. 😀 (Yeah I told D, next week I can go facial while he will attend the class with Yvette all by himself because he did very well.)


I watched them behind glass and bind from time to time. Through there, I knew Yvette was totally at ease with her Papa.

I took over from D when they have finished their craft. And these are the two crafts done by Yvette today.


Another funny drama put forward by these two teachers. It’s about how the little fish avoid the shark. And of course, the quick minded fish did manage to escape it death penalty.


Yvette knows her stuff well when come time to queue for food and ask for her own food. The teacher will always guide them along. (请给我饼干,请给我西瓜,请给我干酪。)


There is nothing we need to do when come to Free Play. She knows how to entertain herself. They have paper tearing for this week.

JGC T3 Wk 6 Fri1

I heart this picture. She was soooooooooooo happy!


In Mandarin class, she will dance and move around freely during Music and Movement. Her dancing moves cracked me!

JGC T3 Wk 6 Fri

At the end of the class, the tots will take their own shoes from the basket and Yvette will (most of the time) attempt to wear shoes by her own now.

JGC T3 Wk 6 Fri2


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