Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 12 (Stand-in)

Please tell me I am not crazy.

This morning I received a call from Chiltern House Halifax Road. Mind you I only sent in the application about 1-2 weeks ago and I got a call from them the next day morning that there might be slot for Yvette. And the best part is it is  morning session!!! (Oh yes, Yvette fall into priority waitlist in this case.)

Today, the call is confirming whether I am taking up the slot for Yvette but I rejected it.

Halifax Road is never really near my house. (I want a preschool that is one stone away.) I sent in the application because I just want to be in the waitlist. (Sound Kiasu right?) And if one day, if Yvette is really mature enough to take school bus and I find this school really suit her because other school can provide the curriculum I want for her, I might want to consider sending her there. But not now.

This call did wake me up.

I slept very late yesterday. But still it was very late in the morning already. I quickly get up and cook lunch for my FIL before I wake Yvette up. We still manage to leave home at 11 am and take a bus to JGC but with no lunch for ourselves. (I really don’t have time to cook lunch for us already.)


Yvette finally carried the tray together with her classmates and the teacher in this class. She usually just put those toys into the tray and ran back to me.


They did two crafts today. The Singapore Flag and the clam. Something worth mention here. Yvette did a fair bit of the clam herself. When she was in PlayNest, she love paint a lot. As she promoted to PlayClub, she doesn’t like to touch the paint anymore. So I am quite happy she did participate in this craft.



The Drama is about both (yellow) Bears goes underwater to take picture with the animals. This is a very imaginative play but yet still interesting. Alexis can act very well. At the end of the play, the tots need to help the bear to decorate the underwater world with coral.


Yvette is very independent now. She can help herself with the snack and I was so busy chatting with the mummies and had almost forgotten to snap a picture of today snack. (The cheese is already inside Yvette’s stomach.)


NO participation from Yvette in Music and Movement. While most tots were singing and dancing, she always stood there. But she is usually ok when there is my involvement.


There was a photo-taking session after the Music and Movement. And the parent chat followed by.


Again May is missing in action. She’s always not around when photo-taking.

This is the Assistant Teacher, Alexis. I like her a lot not because she is pretty. She really have the heart for the tots. I remember there was once Yvette wet her pant and she was carrying her. She didn’t even frown when she passed Yvette to me. I swear, she is really genuine.


I read from some sites, some mothers expressed their concern – it is not value for money over the assistant teacher who is not a qualify teacher. I always feel what is more important is the heart of the teacher for the kid, not about how qualified they are. Even they have a PHD in Early Childhood Learning but if they have no heart and passion for the kid, it’s still voice down to ZERO.


5 thoughts on “Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 12 (Stand-in)

    • Yes, all the senior teachers in JGC are very qualified. But there are one of two “teachers” in JGC is still at their final year.

      Only the assistant teachers only the basic qualification.

  1. I know what you mean, I ever read before that parents dislike assistant teachers just because they don’t have the degree or masters in early childhood learning. It’s like having the basic certificates are not qualified to teach their “precious” kids.

    Like you, I’m more into teachers with passion for teaching. Teaching is not just a job, it requires lots of passion to hold on.

    I don’t think you are crazy to give up Chiltern, focusing on your priorities is right. If your priority now is to get a school that is near so that no school bus is require then you made the right choice. Anyway, you can always get Yvette in when you feel that the time is right.

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