A Little This & That about Yvette @ 26.5mths

It has been a busy month for me. I sent Yvette back to JGC. Day after day, I am so busy updating this site with her lesson and have neglect updating some of her developments. So before the monthly update for her milestone generates a long list of update, I better start to record some  of her developments using most pictures I taken for the past 2-3 weeks.

Here are some of her interesting behaviours for this month:-

She only clap her hands when she is listening to ABC song. She will sing along too. She had made great improvement. Only 3-4 letters are missing now. Sometimes only 1-2 letters are missing. She had also mastered another one new song – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; but it’s still out of tune and with missing lyrics.

ABC Song

She can sing Chinese rhyme too. Two of her favourite songs now are 一二三四五六七 (我的朋友在那里)& 划小船.

When we are mopping the floor, she will pick up another mop and mop with us. She sure doesn’t want to miss out the “fun”.


Besides picking up a book to read, she can do something meaningful by herself. She also like do the activity book I buy for her. We will do it almost everyday. (Either I do with her or D or Ah Yee.)


After keeping the toys together with Yvette and sending her back to JGC, she is now keeping her own toys (sometimes without my help.)


She like to wear BIG now. In JGC, she like to wear BIG slipper. At home, she like to try on my old heels.


And after reading Daphne’s post, I think Yvette has a couple of interesting quirks too.

  1. She will shake her body and her backside when she agree with us.
  2. She will always need one of us to brush teeth with her. After brushing her teeth, she will put everything nicely back to the little pail before she will step down the chair. In fact, she is a very systematic person.
  3. She can’t play a toy with a missing piece. She will search high and low for it till she finds it.
  4. She is like me. She can talk really sensibly even she is very tired.

As for her mini achievements for this month are:

  • She started to wear her own shoes. However, she still need help on putting the right shoes to right feet. I just need to pass her the right shoes or correct her. But I leave all the job to her now.

26 mths2

  • She can do somersaults now but she only dare to do it on the bed not hard floor. She does it very frequently and I think soon or later, she will dare to do it on hard floor.


  • She can do lacing very well now. Big hole small hole.

26 mths3

  • She could walk up and down the stairs (not very high and very near to each other type) very well without support now.

26 mths4


5 thoughts on “A Little This & That about Yvette @ 26.5mths

  1. Uncle’s expression is so funny~! I remembered I used to do somersaults too… Long long time ago and it ended once I had a nasty fall. Btw, I’m going HK this sun le.. 🙂

    • Yes, our children is really growing up fast.

      She been systematic since she young. I am glad she finally willing to keep her toys again. I hope no more pausing in this field!

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