Teaching tots Maths Via Balance Scale

I been wanting to buy a Balancing Scale for Yvette for teaching her Maths Concept however the one selling in Growing Fun is expensive. So I have been putting this behind my list.

I read from this site and found out the Takashimaya is having 14th Craziest Toys Sale and decided to head down with my sister after class on last Thursday.


“Math Balance” is an education toy. As children play to keep balance, it teaches “concept of numbers”. Understanding of the “concept of numbers” would help lay foundation for arithmetic. It gets the child’s curiosity for knowledge when the child try to balance the scale.

I got this Balance Scale for only S$15 during the sales and I think it is really a good buy. I have been busy (bring fetch Yvette to class) and didn’t have time to take it out to play with Yvette. (Actually it is hubby’s job to teach Yvette maths… haha.. why? Because he is very good in maths and explaining maths concept. So I leave Maths Dept to D.)

This toy consists of:

Balance Scale

The 30 pieces of learning card and the worksheet will be very useful when Yvette pick up the concepts.

It also come with an instruction book and instruction guide at the back of the box.


So finally we took it out on last Saturday, and D started to play with Yvette.

D started to impart the balancing concept to Yvette by teaching her putting the weight at same number at two opposite side. Soon, Yvette gotten the idea but refused to co-operate with him. So the learning didn’t go on for too long. However, this got her interest going and she will want to play the toy daily. I hope soon or later, she will be able to pick up more concepts as she plays with the toy.


I know I am late in updating this post as the sales is over. Do look out for this toy when you come across site or spree selling education toys or any sales. I find it is really cheap and useful to impart Maths to our tots.


13 thoughts on “Teaching tots Maths Via Balance Scale

  1. actually you mummies should check out the Monkey Scale (available in NTUC).

    advantage of Monkey Scale over this Math Balance: Monkey Scale makes use of bananas so the kid can count the numbers. It’s more visual. Kids see a number as a quantity.

    advantage of this Math Balance over Monkey Scale: you can see the symbols of the numbers “1, 2, 3, …” so you can get the answer line “4 + 2 = 6”
    but kids see numbers as symbols, not quantity.

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