Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 11

I trimmed Yvette’s fringe. Does she look like Ah gong gong again?


I love the way Yvette interact with Teacher Lee, she always show she like her a lot. (She will bring food to Teacher Lee during the outdoor play which she only does it to me.)


Due to parent chat, the lesson only got started after 12. Here Yvette sitting on Teacher Lee’s lap during the self-introduction.


Unlike attending English lesson, Yvette took a lot of initiative during the lesson. She will always look for the Magic Box.


Shark was today lesson’s topic.


As usual, two crafts were done and one retained for certificate at the end of the term.

JGC T3 Wk 6 Wed

We have story telling today and after the story, the tots had to be little fish and the teacher will be the shark chasing after the little fish.


Here the snack for today and Yvette had two serving. I am still working hard on the Breakfast dept.


The class ended well with Bubble outdoor play and Music and Movement.

JGC T3 Wk 6 Wed1


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