Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 11(Stand-in)

This is Yvette posing for me before we left home. My cheeky little girl.


I don’t why I feel out of space today although I know half of the class. Anyway, the main teacher was sick today and Teacher Siti stand in. She is the main teacher for Evan Branch PlayNest. She can sing very well. Her voice is very soothing.

Yvette was the only one that wore Red Top and White Bottom. I took the instruction from the Mandarin Class but I guess it didn’t apply for the English PlayClub. I checked with the Teacher, it was only required on Thursday to Sunday. Oh well, this is the only set I have. So tomorrow, Yvette can’t dress in this set of clothing as I have to wash and let her wear it on Friday for the Mandarin Class.

Yvette did two crafts today – a coral and crab.

JGC T3 Wk 6 Tues

Caterpillar and Camel were introduced during Magic Box Time for the Letter of the Week, C.


Clap Your Hands is the book for story-telling Time.


Here the snack for today.


Look at the little girl in pink standing in front of Yvette. She was jumping during Music and Movement whereas Yvette stood very still.


Yvette received a the letter C stamp from Teacher Alexis during the Free Play before the lesson ended.


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