4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 4 – Stopover @ YOYO 特产专卖店 On Our Road Back Home

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

Continued from here

We didn’t have a decent breakfast. D and the others watch Mid-night movie the night before, so most of us stay at our room to have bread and milk & instant coffee before we embarked our journey back home.

Driving down Genting H. is a breeze for the driver.


The spirit of Yvette was high despite we were heading home.



Since we didn’t have really good meal in the morning, everyone was famished as we travelled and decided to stop over for meal. Unfortunately we did not tell the driver earlier, so we ended up at A&W.

One thing we notice in Malaysia, we tend to find a lot of houseflies at the eatery. So it really not very hygiene to eat in Malaysia in my perspective.


After our meal, we stopped over at store to collect our Otah and then the driver also brought us to this YOYO 特产专卖店.

This is the most stylish snack shop I ever been in Malaysia.


There are so many choices open to us and this store accept SGD too. But of course the rate is not very good. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from buying. We brought several snacks back home and some sauce. Unfortunately I have forgotten to take picture of the items purchase and now was no where to be found at home.

Overall, i think Cameron H. is a place more for relaxing. I love the weather there..We definitely enjoy this trip and hope we can make arrangement to go on another trip together again!

On side note, I regret letting Yvette wear diaper to travel such a long journey. She got nappy rush when she was back. I guess more toilet break for Yvette is needed and I should let her wear cloth diaper instead.


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