4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 3 – First World Theme Park & Our Dinner

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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To our horror surprise, Yvette was not interested in taking any rides after we purchase the ticket. We don’t why the staff insisted us to pay as Yvette is yet 90 cm.

The ticket is a tag that need to be worn at our arm and it is waterproof.


After much coaxing, she finally sat on the carousel. Seriously, she wasn’t very keen. It’s us who pressed on.

Sometimes she really make me wonder how come she has more mood swing than me. So unpredicted!!!


Then she agreed to take the Venice Gondola ride because she like water.


She is only interested in these machines and made us running after her.


Since we have not check into our room, we decided to leave this Theme Park where supposed to bring so much fun for Yvette but it didn’t. We went up to our room to catch some rest.

After catching some rest in the room, I check out the guidebook of the Theme Park on where to entertain my child before dinner. I found out there is actually an indoor heated pool in Theme Park.

We first check out the activity outdoor but none interest Yvette. And moreover she refused to wear the additional jacket when we were out, we decided to call it a quit and make our trip to the pool. (This make me feel like we had wasted our money spent on the ticket without catching any rides!!!) And this is also my regret of not able to capture any picture of us in the Outdoor Theme Park.

Nevertheless, the trip to the pool is finally a success plan.


She had so much fun in the pool till she didn’t want to leave.

CH & GH - The Theme Park and Dinner

Again after much coaxing, she finally waved goodbye to the pool.

We went back to our room to bathe Yvette. After cleaning ourselves, we decided to head for Dinner.

Not knowing where to eat, we decided to have a very simple meal in this Theme Park. We headed food court and ordered a plate of Chicken Rice for Yvette and myself. (Chicken Rice is one of Yvette’s favourite food) and a plate of noodles for D.



Honestly the food in the Food court is good enough to fill up the stomach. But at least we did not pay a premium for it. My SIL’s family had 3 plates of rice in one eatery and that cost them RM64.40!


After our meal, we decided to shop around the Theme park in group. (Yes we have spitted into 3 groups in the afternoon.) And then I came across the Fish Spa. My SIL’s family persuaded me to give it a try and eventually I got addicted to it now.

We brought a short pant for Yvette from one of the retail shop. This pant was chosen by Yvette herself and the shop assistant was really impressed Yvette could make “this decision”!!!


We finally went back to our room and rest at around 11 plus. Yvette dozed off shortly and D went out in the middle of the night to catch movies with the rest.

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 3 – First World Theme Park & Our Dinner

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  4. It is indeed quite “puzzling” why the staff insist you to get a ticket for Yvette! That time when we went in March this year, we did not get any tix for Javier.

    I think for the part where Yvette is not keen to take the rides is quite normal. Even Jayden who is coming to 5 has such mood swing. That day when we went to universal studio, both of them refuse to pose for pictures and play the rides…..make me grrrrrr.. only much coaxing, then they started to warm up and enjoy the trip. 😦

    • Ya, and we dumb dumb and paid!!! ARRRr!!!

      Haiz, out tots’ mood swing are worse than our PMS. I always joke when Yvette is having mood swing. I will tell other mummies, oh, she is having PMS!!!

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