Term 4 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 5

This morning, I brought Yvette to swim and fixed up the lesson she missed last week. This school is the most flexible school I ever deal with since I started bringing Yvette for classes.

I realised there isn’t much improvement after I have change her usual class. And till today, I still didn’t hear from the school there is slot for us for the weekend class. Haiz, I really didn’t want her to stop… but will it be too much if I send her to swimming in the afternoon? Perhaps I should check with them whether is there any classes in the evening or late afternoon?


I was very happy to see this while I was preparing lunch for Yvette in the kitchen when we were home.


Out of her own accord, she pulled out this book, and the ice-stick to do matching. Is this the start of her being able to keep herself occupied by doing something meaningful?


3 thoughts on “Term 4 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 5

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