Books Yvette Read in July 2010

Yvette makes me very happy.

She is reading, and sometimes very much by herself. She will go to the bookshelves to pick up books that she like and read by her own. She started to remember the story line, the dialogue and anticipate what is going to happen next as we read. And I am absolutely loving it.


We read so many books that I didn’t expect this to happen. And I finally gain her interest in reading Chinese Book with us and these are the two series of book we read everyday.


I got this series of book – 可爱的鼠小弟 from DangDang spree in Singapore Motherhood Forum and I only pay 50% of retail price. And this series of book are really a hit to Yvette.

Here the Excerpt of Book 3 – 鼠小弟的又一条小背心







嗯, 真好看!

This series of book is amusing. Yvette always chuckle as we read this book with her.


We revisit 甜甜。 This is set of Lift-The-Flap book in Chinese. I got it from a book fair in JGC. Yvette favourite book from this set is 甜甜吹泡泡。

I believe we will be reading these two sets of book for a period of time till I can find book that will interest Yvette.

2010 Week -- Book of the month 07 July 2010

I found another book from John Segal – Carrot Soup. Although the style of this book is totally different from Far Far Away, Yvette loves this book very much too. It is very educational too. Through the book and colorful pictures, a rabbit is trying to plant, nurture, grow, and harvest its carrots. But when harvest time comes, they are gone. As the rabbit visits various other animals in search of the carrots, the reader notices some funny antics in the background, until we reach the surprise ending. And I never knew there were so many varieties of carrots till I found this book.


What Can Spot See? is A Turn-the-wheel Book. This book gives Yvette plenty of surprises as I turn the wheel.


And due to the Lapbooking lesson I signed up for Yvette; we are reading this book everyday after the first lesson. A very Hungry Caterpillar. After reading it a few days, Yvette starts to remember the storyline, and she could remember what are the food the caterpillar is eating throughout the book.


I found out she actually could remember the storyline of this story during our usual market trip on last Sunday. I recite this book to her without looking at the book, and I went, “On Monday, he ate through one apple. But he was still hungry… pear, plums, strawberries, oranges… On Saturday, he through one piece of chocolate cake, one ice-cream… I stopped because I can only recall at one piece of chocolate cake. Then I tell her, Mama can’t remember already and asked her what next, she told me one ice-cream very confidently. Surprise and didn’t really believe her till I reach home and check.

Amazingly, out tots have superb memory.

Besides all these story books, I brought 5 books for Yvette during the Great Singapore Sales. Yvette read them everyday after she received from me and she have learnt many new words from all these books too. (In fact, I brought more than 5 books during the sales.)



I hope to read more new books in the August but I know we will continue to read most of them as I have already renewed the book.


4 thoughts on “Books Yvette Read in July 2010

  1. i saw those laoshu books at Story Island window on Saturday. Oh, and those tiantian books – Bibinogs has them too. Jacob doesn’t seem all too interested in them.

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