Month In Review – July & Goals For August 2010

I love reading this mother’s blog. I got to know her blog when I google for Homeschool materials and I totally love the way she raise her only daughter, Anna.

As a working mother, I think she is absolutely awesome. Despite her busy working schedule, she keeps her blog timely and interesting. Love her commitment in making her blog alive.

Beside daily entries, she does, weekly review of what her child is learning, book review of what her child is reading weekly. She also does monthly review for herself too. I am going to copy her way of recording in my site.

Personally I feel blogging is very personal. You know there are people out there reading as the blog stats increase. So most people will think what to write and what will interest reader.

As for me, I usually keep track of what Yvette is doing and add on some of my encounter. I also blog about family event which I think it is worth while to do so. And I took tons of photo every day. It will be a waste if I just keep them in my lappy’s hard disk and not publish here to share with my extended family members & friends. Or maybe you?

It might bored readers.

But this is my playground, and I feel blogging is an insurance. When one day I will become senile, and will need this blog for reference, seriously!


1. What were the major event/s for the month?

  • Celebrated my SIL & my niece birthday on 1st July.
  • Celebrated Stella’s birthday on 24th July.
  • My FIL got hospitalised on 23rd July. He had discharged from hospital on 30th July.

2. What were the outings we had?

  • We went Siloso Beach.
  • We went Expo for sales and then headed T3 for dinner.
  • We went Bottle Tree Park with Velda & Zac.

3. Anything new things we did or tried?

  • SIL, my nephew and I watched Toys Story 3 with Yvette for the first time on 1st July.
  • We head to Parco Shopping Mall for the first time on 1st July.
  • We visited Underwater World Singapore on 10th July.

4. Any new learning curriculum for Yvette?

  • Yvette headed back for swim with Marsden Swim School.
  • Yvette headed back JGC for playgroup.
  • Yvette started her first book lapping class.

5. What was the family health stats for the month?

I was not well. I got fever, sore throat and even headache for this month. Yvette is still having running nose but not major. Hubby was totally fine.

6. What were my accomplishments this month?

I sort out Yvette preschool finally. No personally achievement for this month. But I managed to have a facial session with Yvette lying beside me.

7. What surprised me this month?

Yvette could read and started to love reading more and more.

8. What were my disappointments this month?

I lost my HP and my earring and both of them were gifts from D

9. Any other events happened but I did not record here?

  • Had lunch with May. (May lost weight.)


  • Got a free ride for Yvette. (We wanted to exchange our 2 fifty cents coin with a couple and they gave Yvette free ride instead of taking our money.)


  • Yvette had fun in the playground at J8.


  • Just have dinner with my brother & my SIL & my sister and her boyfriend at Novena Square 2. (Rare outing.)

10. Favourite picture of Yvette with any extended family members.


Totally love the way my nephew spent time with Yvette

11. Favourite picture of Yvette with D or myself.


I like this picture very much!

12. Family picture for the month of July. (This is to encourage or to remind me to (at least) to take a picture for the family)


Expression of D so funny!

P/S: This picture was taken by my SIL’s DSLR today. Will blog about her camera soon.

13. Any goals for August?

No, but I better start thinking now.


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