Give Away: Enfagrow A+ Step 3


I finally won something recently.

I got this voucher from Hann’s sister and absolutely over-joy!!!

So happy.


So it is now my turn to do some give away too.

As I been trying to wean Yvette off breast and I failed again and again. I sort of giving up of weaning her for now. (Anyway, she only look for the breast during nap time or sometimes in the middle of the night. Sometimes she can sleep on her own without nursing in the night.)

During my recent gynae’s check up, I checked with my gynae do tots really wean off naturally by their own. His reply was Yes. So I shall wait and see for now.


As such, all these formula milk (expiry date is 25/10/10) is not useful to me anymore. I shall give away to the first person who leave a comment here or you can send me a email that you will like to have it.

Good Luck!

Thanks Readers for your interest. This item had already given away.


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