Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 10

It’s end of Week 5 and means, this is the week I have to submit the withdrawal form to JGC which I did. And the pro-rated promotion starts this week too. Now you can sign up any class with 50% on the pro-rated fee for another 10 lessons. It was initially my plan to do so when May’s mummy offered me some lessons including the Mandarin. (So that I can save some money too.) But then she realised she need to give the Mandarin to another friend. As such I managed to cut a deal with her with all the English session.

Nevertheless, I am very happy I have signed Yvette for the Mandarin Playclub which she is definitely enjoying the class. She started to speak more in Mandarin with us. More complete sentences. She also started to sing Chinese rhyme confidently. Two of her favourite songs now are 一二三四五六七 (我的朋友在那里)& 划小船. She can sing them almost fluently without missing much of the lyrics. (I am trying to ask her to sing to everyone at home now so that I can record them down for keepsake.)


Sigh, she is no longer interested in taking picture before we leave home. I couldn’t make her stand near the door for me. This is the most decent picture I have and this is taken in class.


She is always excited when her name is being called out by Teacher Lee. And now, more tots are more willing to move forward to teacher.


Today, they used three ducks for teaching number 3.


Then they moved on to doing craft work.

JGC T3 Wk 5 Fri

Today drama is about how the Cat helped the Duck to catch fish after the Cat had eaten the fishes caught by the Duck.


This involved the participation from the tots. Fishing!


Yvette only like the bread and the watermelon today. She asked for several serving because she didn’t take breakfast.


Yvette now can play all by herself during Free Play. I spent my time chatting with mommies or teachers now.



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