Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 9

She is definitely much much better today. The running nose is almost gone for good. As usual, I will take picture for Yvette before we leave home.


As Yvette’s caregiver, I can read Yvette like a book. So I can tell from her  behaviour how much she like lesson from JGC.

When she is totally different in English PlayClub and in Mandarin PlayClub. She always wait and see in English PlayClub, participation rate is always around 70% to 80% but in Mandarin, she always give in to 95%.

Every time when we step in the studio, she will happily take out her shoes. Although she do the same in English PlayClub but the speed is definitely much slower.

And all my observations are capture in all the photos I took every lesson. (Oh yes, I am one of the few mothers who take picture for my child.) These pictures speak louder than words.





Teaching the tots Number 3 by using a puppet toy with 3 cats. Yvette likes cat very much and she was so excited to see the cat and even touching them.


Today craft involve some sand and Yvette absolutely loving it.

JGC T3 Wk 5 Wed

There is always something extra in this class. I like Teacher Lee use the song to teach body parts. (Teaching stomach)


Two tots cried while watching the Drama. But Yvette knows the story of 3 Little Pigs very well.


Time for snack and Yvette finished everything on her plate except the Cheese. I put back one of them.


Kitchen is always her hideout during the Outdoor Play. Would she become a Chef in the future?


Class ended well with Music & Movement.


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