Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 9 (Stand-in)

It wasn’t a bad morning for me although Yvette make me really angry this morning before we left home.

See, she still happily posing for me before we left home. She is getting very into camera and posing recently.


But still, we were late for class.

She didn’t help to clean up, she just stood there and watch other kids putting away the toys! @_@

I guess she is still not in good health. (Oh Yes, her running nose is almost gone.)

The class was extremely big today. It has more than 10 students because there is a miscommunication. One parent called up and wanted to come for lesson. Or has the Admin has forgotten May is away and Yvette will be here for replacement?

I don’t like big class for small tots. Too much noise. I always opt for small class.

Craft time after introduction get Yvette moving. She was so happy to stick those animals onto her number 3 book and I think she is the only one finish pasting all of 9 animals on the book. But she was not so keen with paint.

JGC T3 Wk 5 Tues

We are doing Number 3 for this week and they use Froot Loops to reinforce the learning. Each child get to eat 3 of them.


While waiting for the rest to finish the artwork, Yvette have fun playing with those toys on the floor.


Reading a loud was next but then Yvette didn’t seem to be listening. She kept talking to me. –.-!

They have snack and Yvette didn’t seem to have appetite to eat. She only ate the fruit and ask for water! (She always ask for juice.)


Music and Movement didn’t lighten her “sick” mood but she became active during the Free Play.


All in all, I still think she did enjoy today lesson.


2 thoughts on “Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 9 (Stand-in)

  1. I think teachers play an important part. Chloe on the other hand are closer to her english teachers than mandarin teachers. I find that the mandarin teachers are very good but Chloe just couldn’t click with them.

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