Trip to Bottle Tree Park with Velda & Zac

Not knowing where to go after our lunch,  after some discussion, we decided to head Bottle Tree Park. This is another impromptu trip but it turned out well for us not for Stella’s family.


The first thing after we alighted from Stella’s family car was to head the pond to see fish. Yvette was so excited to see them but yet I have forgotten to take picture of her excitement.


(Stella, I think you took a few, can send it to me?)

I was attached to the crowd beside the fish pond. These people were there to catch the fish. According to Stella, we need to pay a fee to catch fish.


Long Kang Fishing

  • Cost per child is $10.00.
  • Daily from 9 am to 12 midnight
  • Every Thursday from 11am till midnight
  • Tank & Net Provided
  • Fishes Available: Red Guppy, Ribbons, Swordtail, Pacu, Goldfish, Molly

The above is what I have found out as I pen down this entry.

We didn’t stay at the pond for too long because Velda highlighted to Yvette there are 3 playgrounds in this park. Off they ran toward the playground.

Yvette was so happy she can play the slide and the sand. She wasn’t afraid of the swing anymore. I used to remember she was wary of the swing months back when we were trying to put her up at Pasir Ris Park.




Here is Velda on the slide.


Yvette spotted the Swam on the pond and insisted for a ride. This ride cost us S$9 and we didn’t know how long this ride is going to be. It allows 2 adults and 1 child or 2 children 1 adult. We didn’t stay on the pond for long and we head back to the anchor point because she complained about her life jacket and trying to pull it out.


As D was paddling, we saw fish surfaced out of the water. But they were too fast for us to capture in our camera. And moreover I was holding Yvette, I was really caution.  Though this was the  case, we took a picture for Stella’s family on the pond.

We have to leave the park because Stella’s kids gotten themselves all wet after the Swam Ride. (They gotten wet because of their brilliant request and their co-operative father.)


I think we were there for about an hour and I am sure we will be back again.



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