Our Day Out To Celebrate Stella’s 32 Birthday

Today outing was planned and was a long day for us.

In fact, I woke up at 5 am and couldn’t get back to my slumber. I went market at 7.30 am and Yvette woke up shortly. D tried coaxing her but failed badly. The good things is, Yvette didn’t cry very long for me. A sign of maturity!

We left home early at 9.15 a.m. for my annual gynae check-up. Knowing Yvette will definitely need a nap, we brought along our stroller. She really dozed off as we walked from Glen-Eagles to Orchard MRT. This made our visit at TTSH easier.

D went up to TTSH to visit my FIL and left me with Yvette. I brought a magazine and sat at one corner of the Square  2 to wait for D and Yvette to wake up.

We met Stella’s family at 1 at The Central Mall and we had our lunch at Waraku. I brought her a cake. The waitress together with us sang her a birthday song!

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to Stella,

Happy Birthday to You!

After the song, her son, Zac blew off the candles immediately. We have to light up the candles again for Stella.



After filling up our stomach, we decided to head Bottle Tree Park. As it was still early, (we wanted to avoid hot sun), we decided to shop around to kill time first.

When we were at the Central Atrium of The Central, there were a competition. We have to decorate the picture with the beans and the top 3 winners will $50 vouchers from the mall. The requirement to enter the contest is just to spent S$10 in single receipt.

Stella Birthday 24.07

Stella’s family entered the completion immediately. (They paid for the lunch.) As for us, since I have the intention to get the Acid Drop for my niece, we went Sticky to buy 3 packets of sweet.

These two pieces of art work took us more than an hour to complete. They were so serious.


Yvette had fun but she also had a bad fall from the chair. But kids always forget things easily. After I changed her, (because she dirty her clothing during meal and wet her pant after she fell) her smile was back almost immediately.


And here our masterpiece. (Oh no, I have forgotten to take picture of Stella’s artwork.)


After submitting our artwork, we head Bottle Tree Park. But we only stay there for an hour. We have to go nearby shopping mall, Northpoint to get clothing for Velda & Zac.

It’s a day of fashion show for the kids. As we left in a hurry, I have forgotten to bring Yvette to toilet and she peed into her pant again. This is the third bottom for Yvette. As for Velda and Zac, it’s a total make over!

Stella Birthday 24.073



After dinner, the kids had a ride on the animals but we didn’t give it to Yvette. Reason  being Yvette had already gotten another ride earlier. So, we didn’t approve this ride and surprising she didn’t throw any tantrum. She just sat on her favourite animal for us to take picture of her. This ride cost Stella S$4 bucks for her both children.

Stella Birthday 24.072

Stella Birthday 24.071

Although it was already 15 mins to 9, but we still took kids to the playground at the top of the building. This playground make up of wet and dry area. But as it was already late, the wet area is closed for play. But there were still many kids running around at the dry area. There’s no slide, no swing but the kids are really happy!!!

Stella Birthday 24.074

P/S: Stella, can you update your blog with our outing soon?


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