Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 8

I don’t have a good morning to start my day. I got a call from D informing my FIL was hospitalised and also Yvette was throwing tantrum on our way to school. She was perfectly alright before we left home but not as cooperative as I wanted her to.


I didn’t take any picture during the Free Play as I was feeling wear out after pacifying Yvette.

The teachers used the Rabbit and the Snail to teach the concept of “快”.


A horse carriage and a painting were done today. Yvette rolled the paint using the car’s wheel onto the paper.

JGC T3 Wk4 Fri

The Drama about The Frog Hunting for Her Food never fail to capture the attention of the children. The story ended with the children help to frog hunting for her food.


This round Yvette refuse to be the frog. She refused to wear it. And even insisted me to wear for her.


Here’s the snack for today lesson.


I realised Yvette and this girl is always together. And I like this little girl a lot. She is so cute!


Lastly, this is the best picture I have taken throughout my morning with Yvette.


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