4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 1 – The Strawberry Park Resort

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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The moment I hop down from the bus, the scenery presented in front of my eye was so beautiful. It’s worth travelling 12 hours. Our mood were light up by the weather, the atmosphere.

The hotel

And all these hibiscus are awesome! So big! I never see such a big hibiscus before. They are all outside the resort.





We chosen this resort because it’s strategically located in Tanah Rata where most of the places of interest we wanted to visit. We did not make use the facilities of this hotel but according to this site, there are plenty.

After processing all the documentation, we check in our room and found out  the toilet was so much bigger than some of our rooms back in our house in Singapore.


This is a room with one double bed and one single bed. We have super king size bed in our room. And we love it so much.


We stay in this resort for two nights and really find this resort is peaceful but this is a 3-star resort, room service stop at 9.30 pm. So if you are someone who needs supper, better stock up some instant noodles.

I bathed Yvette and we were all ready for dinner!


Lastly, here is the breakfast spread we have for the two mornings…


And ops, I have forgotten to take picture of main course!

To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 1 – The Strawberry Park Resort

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    • Yeah.

      Jus you know what, with your photo taking skill, you can do far more better than me. Think this is a good place for your family. The downside is, it is just too far away. (In term of traveling journey on the road.) But you can take flight, think to Ipoh and then take a 2 hours ride to Cameron H.

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