Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 7 (Stand-in)

Today is the first Stand-in Lesson for May by Yvette. I took over May’s mum offer for 7 lessons and today is lesson one.

The lesson is still held in the same studio having the same teacher and assistant teacher. Most of the classmates are the same but then the participation rate from Yvette is still around 60-70%.

Both of us were up early.

It didn’t take me a lot of effort to coax Yvette to bathe and eat her breakfast. In fact I cooked for her this morning. I fried rice for her and made porridge for our lunch before we left home.

I managed to take some picture of her before we left her. She seems to like this photo-taking lately. Very co-operative.


When we were at bus-stop, she can’t help but keep wanting to get close to the cat. Honestly, I was really afraid the cat will attack her.


We were welcomed by the teacher when we stepped into the class and this is how the class room look like in this studio.

JGC T3 Wk 4 Tues

Yvette just stood there to see them clearing away the toys but she sat very well during craft demo.



I found her motor skill has improved. She could lace all these into the string fast and without my help. We have hardly practice this at home.


Besides the necklace, she did squid painting. I joked this squid had been poison because I never see a green colour squid before.


Letter Q was introduced together with the word “quick” & “quack” during Magic Box Time


This is the snack for today and Yvette was given more than 1 serving. (We didn’t request for it. It was given by the teacher.)


Somehow she got so excited and wanted to snatch my camera during Music and Movement.


She had fun during the Free Play.



8 thoughts on “Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 7 (Stand-in)

  1. Hi! You don’t know me but I think I bumped into you while in the toilets washing up after my girl’s paint session with red paint in playnest; they were painting musical instruments today. Never thought I would see the blogger whose blog I have been reading for the past few days because I just enrolled her this term in JG. I don’t blog, but I have been tracking her classes with photos on my facebook. Anyways, just to say hi on your blog.

    • Asa,

      Hi hi, Thanks for saying Hi to me here.

      Honestly speaking, I can’t recall who you are but then if you see me again in JGC, come forward to wave to me ok. This term is really the last term for us till Yvette is back for Speech and Drama. (I have confirmed her space in Childcare that will be commenting in Sept.) Our class is actually on Wed & Fri. Only these 4 weeks, we will come to JGC almost everyday because I took up her former classmate offer of 7 lessons.

      Yeah, I track her class by blogging. Some find boring, I guess but some mummies or even daddies commented they know JGC better thru this site here. So it is very encouraging for me to move forward.

      I hope to see you again!

    • Yeah, it not easy to convince her to wear this dress. If I don’t let her wear now, she is going to outgrown this dress soon.

      I never notice the way she sit till you highlight to me. Even uncle also like the way she sit.

  2. I’ve just enrolled our youngest son in JG too, but for the bilingual playclub. He enjoys it tremendously. Your girl is so sweet and well-behaved. I like the way she sits there watching the craft demo… Such a lady! 🙂

    • Hi Ing,

      Thanks for pop-ing by and compliment on Yvette.

      Yeah, I read that from your blog that your son is in Bilingual Playclub and he enjoys himself. (In fact I been reading your blog. :D)

      Haha, I am lucky really lucky. When come to classroom, she is always well-behave. She never run forward and always stay with me during lesson and always make mummies around me envy. I hope she will be the same when she goes to unaccompanied lesson in the future.

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