4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H.Day 1 – 12 Hours Journey to Cameron H.

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

Continued from here

We were picked up by the bus around 6.30 am and travelled all our way to Woodlands custom. Yvette was feeling tired but she didn’t really making fuss. But she looked grouchy.


After clearing the custom, the driver drove straight into JB and making our first stop break for breakfast at 7.45 am in one of the coffee shop at Queen Park.


After filling our stomach with more food, that really made us tired and all of us dozed off on the bus.

Finally we were able to get down the bus for toilet break after travelling for another 3 hours on the road. The happiest person is no one else but my little girl, Yvette. She could finally roam around freely.


The driver drove for another hour before we finally reached the restaurant to have our lunch. As it was raining when we were travelling, we were happy to have Bak Kut Teh for lunch.

This restaurant seemed to be rather famous. The waiting time to get our food served is about half an hour. Luckily we did pack some snacks on the bus and eat them as we travelled.


While waiting, we took pictures and I managed to tied up Yvette hair into a ponytail. This is the second ponytail. My first attempt was just before I cut her hair for the third times in January.


She looks good in ponytail.


Finally here come our lunch and everyone was so hungry by then. Surprisingly, Yvette attempted to eat by herself. We really finished up our food quickly (in next half an hour). This meal cost us RM168 (for 8 adults one toddler).

CH & GH - Our 12 hours Journey


Hop back to the bus and continued with our journey.

Yvette threw tantrum for the first time of the day. But it was so easy to make this cry baby to a happy baby again!



It started to rain again and this round was rather heavy. We all dozed off again on the bus. (Long distance travel really can make one person fat. Eat, sleep, Eat…)

The bus driver let us have 3 toilet breaks in between and the last one was at one of the petrol kiosk before we drove up to Cameron Highland. It was still raining heavily before we drove up the mountain.

Finally we were up at our hotel, The strawberry Resort. Time check; it’s now 6 in the evening. So we had been travelling for almost 12 hours.

The most praiseworthy person to mention here is Yvette. We were so impress she could take 12 hours ride with us without making much fussy. Most of the time, she’s HAPPY!


To be continued…

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