4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 1 – Our Mode of Travel

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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We didn’t plan to drive up actually. But when we did try source for a Free & Easy package to fit my niece’s schedule but we always ended up fruitlessly.

As an Executive PA, my SIL does have many “Lobang”. And she had gotten us this contact, a Travel Agency in Malaysia. SO my niece’s boyfriend gave them a call and finally fixed up our trip, a month ago.

For a group of 8 persons and a toddler, Yvette travel for free. We paid S$300 for each person. The driver will come to our place and pick us up with a 12 seaters mini-bus and travel all the way to our destination. He will drive us around in Malaysia and strictly follow our itineraries.

Good deal?

My brother (who doesn’t travel with us) comments the service is good but our package is not very cheap.

To me, I think it is worthwhile to travel with this Travel Agency because they really provide great service. I like the idea of them picking us at our door step. We moved around effortlessly in Malaysia. The driver always helped us to find place to eat (although we know he will earn some commission or free meal but we never feel we were being extorted.)

Most importantly, we can travel comfortably together. It would never easy to find a package that suit everybody.

The room space of the 12 seaters bus is airy. We could adjust the seat down when we need to nap on the bus. And there is sufficient space to put luggage. We can also watch TV in the mini bus. As for Yvette, we have brought along her pillow, so that she could sleep on our lap with the support of her pillow under her back.

We like our driver. We even gave him some tips at the end of our trip (not required.) He is friendly and very resourceful. He has very good driving skill, as it never easy to drive up and down Cameron Highlands. Due to good planning, we have some spare time; he brought us to a few places (like spa) that we never plan to go too.

With that, I think we will engage their service again if  we need to travel down in group to Malaysia again.

The exterior of the mini bus




To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 1 – Our Mode of Travel

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  3. hi.. coming by to see your gentings/camerons trip.. i just came back from gentings yesterday and camerons the month before… still prefer gentings to camerons though the food there is much more expensive! 🙂

    • Hi Claire,

      Thanks for poping by. I am your opposite. I prefer Cameron H to Genting because of the super nice weather and the scenery. And the food there is cheaper!!!

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