Recap on Our Last Trip to Cameron H. & Genting H.

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

I have never forgotten I need to update my little space here on my last trip. But due to our busy schedule, this has been putting on hold again and again. Finally after reading so many holidays of you people… (awwww… making me jealous), I decided to pull up my socks and finally done up with all the posts regarding our our last trip with so many photographs taken.

And with that, I am going to bored you with details on our last trip plainly because we took heaps of photos during our last trip. (If not all these pictures will only keep in my computer.) And let the pictures do the talking! 😀

In our camera, we have about 1000 photographs. I have yet received those pictures in 3 other cameras from my niece, Cheryl. So in total, I might ended up with another 500 pictures for this trip and that are really a lot for a short trip of 4 days 3 nights.

Let me share some of the interesting stuff we encounter during my last trip in snippets before I roll out more posts in more details.

I found out this type of cob of corn (珍珠玉米) can be eaten raw as fruit. And they are really very nice. (I tried those I brought from market in Singapore. Some are really not bad.)


If you are Otah lover, then you can’t miss this in Malaysia. This can be found in our local market too.


I like the design of these bags can offer, but they don’t last. Yvette’s bag zip had already came out. I wonder how’s the condition of anther two bags now? (Stella, care to comment?)


Lastly, a not so interesting situation to share. I have totally forgotten to bring along any toys, books for Yvette in this trip. Thinking of she got so many “human” companies, these stuff didn’t seem to be useful and I am totally wrong. She looked for doing Starfall with us when we were on the bed. Wanting to play her toys and read her books.

I swear I will never miss out all these again in our next trip!

Ar.. but then wait, Heng ar.. now got iPod Touch!!!

P/S: I will keep my post rolling with one or two post(s) per day!

To be continued…

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