My Losses in Last 2 Days

I have not lost any valuables for many years. And the lost in the past 2 days is really pain my heart.


This diamond earring was a gift from D and I been wearing them for many years. During Dinner Time on Thursday, I realised one of them is missing and I have no idea where I lost it. And this is the second piece of diamond I lost. 1st is a diamond bracelet which i lost it 3 years ago.


Next is my HP.

On Friday, I got off the cab with Yvette and never turned back my head to check because it was raining and I need to manage the umbrella together with Yvette.


Again this is a gift from D too. The worst part is, I called my own number and there is someone picked up the phone but the line got cut off immediately. I pray there’s no oversea calls made by that stupid fellow if not it going to cost me a bomb!!!

Luckily, the replacement of the SIM card is free and my sister got a spare phone for me.


This is really not only rain, but pour!

No wonder Singapore flooded again!!!


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