Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 6

We are supposed to wear Yellow for this week and we didn’t do so because I didn’t know we are doing “Yellow” on Wednesday. So today I did make an effort to dress both of us in Yellow.


It was pouring when we left home. (And I was thinking; Would it flood again?)


Nevertheless, it’s a wet wet day. The rain never stop even we finished the lesson.

Yvette had fun during Free Play. This little girl (I have yet found out how old is she) came and played with Yvette. They were playing with each other, sorting out shapes for more than 10 mins. (Another reason I send Yvette back to JGC because there is no one to play with her now. Poor girl. Every one is back to school, even our neighbour.)


Another Teacher Lee do the morning exercise with the kids and then the self-introduction. And I am surprise Yvette was also totally at ease with her.


We were still covering “Yellow” and a toy duck was the material use during Magic Box Time to reinforce the kids understanding. All of us loves it. It because this duck can lay eggs!!! 3 eggs were produced by the duck and all of us were so amazed!!!

(According to the teacher this duck is shipped in from China. Nice toys to have!)


For today art work, Yvette did a lemon stamping and a yellow flower.



The Drama Time was a hit. A little girl got her emotion over her and cried as she watched the Drama. It’s about how the Monkey helping the pig getting the bananas on the tree.

After the Drama, they have snack. Today they have watermelon, Cornflakes & sausages. Yvette have more than 1 serving of it.


Oh yes, by the way, there is one changes about the programme that I don’t like. There is no more reading of word card now. The word card is now hanging or pasted on the wall and we mother or sometimes teacher will lead the child to read the card. I still prefer one to one basis on reading the card.

JGC T3 Wk3 Fri

Rolling on the  paint is never Yvette’s cup of tea after she turned 18 mths. None of the kids were interested. It left untouched by our group.


Today lesson ends well with Music & Movement.



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