Sorting Out All Yvette’s Art Work

I been leaving all her art work in boxes and had never take it out to admire. Maybe because I am a first time parent, these stuffs seem to be very important to me. I have never throw anyway any pieces of work she did in school except for those liquid base work.



I always take a picture of all these works before I throw away. (I do throw away some work she did at home.)

I pulled out all the boxes today and start to organise them.

I pasted them onto a sheet of paper that is slightly bigger than A3. I got this paper from Daiso and it only cost me S$2 for 8 pieces of paper. The quality of the paper is really thick.


I turned them into book after pasting them and I used the material from JGC as the cover page so that I can use this a part of Yvette learning material too. This is still an incomplete book. I will need to print out the world for the craft and stick it at the back of the “book” so that Yvette can read the word easily  as I am planning to file them in the arch file.



The way I am organising her work will definitely save space in long run and for easy reference.

P/S: I will let her decide to keep or throw all these works in the future.


10 thoughts on “Sorting Out All Yvette’s Art Work

    • Yeah.. I think these keepsakes will be important to me and I will never allow her to throw them away.

      Probably I will let her know to burn them together with my body when I die… hehe!

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