Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 5

Yeah, I am really happy to be back! We joined the existing class starting from Lesson 5.

The Theme for this term is “Out At Sea” and this is how the class is decorated. I like it very much.

JGC T3 Wk 3 Wed

As this is not the usual timing we are attending, I still bump into mummies who used to be the same class as Yvette in PlayNest and the Mandarin Add On on Monday. And yes, another mummy found this blog. (Please come forward and comment. I will like to hear from you! Sorry I didn’t manage to talk to you and will try to catch up with you again.)

Many commented Yvette has grown up. I think being 2 years old is another big milestone.


I make an effort to go there early so that Yvette could have some time for warming up as she has not been to any lesson for about 2 months. She was shy indeed. She didn’t want to go and join any kid around and only want to be with me. I try to take picture of her and she requested me to take picture together. Here the shot!


Although she was “shy” but she didn’t mind to walk forward to Teacher Lee during self-introduction. I think beside Teacher Winnie, she really like this teacher a lot. But she doesn’t want to walk forward to “knock at” the Magic Box upon request.

The topic of today lesson is Yellow. And they did two crafts for it; A Chick and a Pineapple. I found out Yvette motor skill has improved despite not doing more crafts at home. Look at her hand, she now know she have to use another hand to hold on to the paper when she apply the glue.


JGC T3 Wk 3 Wed1

I think this is the first time we have teacher reading aloud during the story telling time. I understand from Teacher Lee, we will be following the routine as “normal” class. On Friday, we will have Drama Time. Just like what we did for our English Playclub.


After the story-telling, they let the kid have some role play to reinforce their understanding.


They have Honeydew, biscuit and raisin for snack. As usual, Yvette loves the Honeydew a lot. She couldn’t finish the biscuit and the raisin. So I eat for her!


I think she never forget what they have in the playground. She zoom herself straight to the kitchen!


And I spotted a new toy too!

I thought she will hold back for Music and Movement. I am glad to see she was totally at ease! I think I have made the right decision to send her back to Teacher Lee’s Class!



11 thoughts on “Julia Gabriel Mandarin PlayClub Term 3: Lesson 5

    • You should but perhaps after you give birth. I think JGC is really a very good preschool. Too bad CH is too far away from me and I am not keen on letting Yvette taking school bus. If not I will let her attend CH for her preschool

      P/S: I reply too fast in my last comment. I added you interested in the class too.

  1. next term start 0n 13 sept, i think by that i time i am during confinement..my hubby will bring him there..because he has stopped for 2 term, so we have to put in on waiting list again..

  2. Lucas attending playgroup (2 hr programs) daily now, Javier (choon yen ) is his classmate. But next year we have registered him to a church preschool near sembawang, a 3.5 hr daily N1 programs.

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