Yvette: 2 yrs 2 mths (26 mths)

26 mths

Her speech is now the interesting department for her growth. I like the way she talks. I like the way she learns from reading and put them in real life – forming sentences.

  • Prepositions are still not in her dictionary
  • She got inside and outside right but no news for Spoon, Potato and Up.
  • When we ask: “where are you going?” She will reply: “Go Shopping.” Then we will ask: “you have money?” She will reply: “Papa have.”
  • She started to ask; “How much is this?” “What is this”?”
  • Her favourite phrase of this month goes; Come on, Let’s go. Away, Far Far Away.

Her mandarin goes down hill. That is one of the reason I put her back to Mandarin Playclub. Unlike English, she didn’t like to say the word after we correct her pronunciation. I am putting her back to Playclub to gain some confidence in speech. I am trying very best to speak to her in Mandarin now too.

She recognise more words now and she could read too. I am so happy finally I get her to read. It’s really not easy for someone like her who is born not having much interest in reading.

Her mini achievements for this month in learning are:

  • she could match the colours in both English and Mandarin. For words, she could recognise 红,黑, 蓝,黄,禄,白。
  • She could recite from 1 to 20 both in English and Chinese. She could recognise 1 to 10 in Chinese Finally.
  • She could pick up 3 pieces puzzle and fix them herself without my guidance now. (Her success story is still the train puzzle – 60 pieces with no help from me doing the number. she still need help in letters.)
  • She could read by herself!

I have some discipline issue for the past month. She refuse to keep her toys like what she used to be. I finally got sort out by keep them together with her.

Nothing to record for Self-Care except I have successfully changed her toothpaste.

And she started to help out in the Kitchen and doing more house chores.


Some change in / new behaviors I notice for the past month:-

  • She loves talking over phone. She will request me to call her daddy everyday. She answers the phone for me too. She will pick up the phone and say:”Yvette Here.”


  • She is behaving like us. She need a book when she poops sometimes.


  • She loves to sling this bag and tell us she is going work just like her papa.


Potty Pause gone.

She is teething again. Last molar is on standby mode now.

She put on 0.5 KG (wow!!!) a total of 11.5kg and grown taller by 2 cm (87cm)  for the past one month!


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