Childcare, Preschool, I Got All Line Out Finally

Some of you might already know I didn’t offer with a job despite going for 3 interviews. So there is no hurry for me to send Yvette into Child care now.

I went down to the Childcare centre to confirm her admission. She will be attending this school on 15th Sept instead of 15th July this month. I am delaying this admission mainly due to I do hope, really hope, there will be a space for her in Marsden Swim School. (We do get some priority on the waiting list as existing student.)

SO what will we be doing for the next two months.

Obviously isn’t it?

Yes, JGC is my only choice. (I do have mummies writing to me seeking my opinion over GUG and JGC. I am very honest to tell you all, I am biased in a way, my heart always go for JGC. But I am sure GUG is good in a way, but not my cup of tea.)

Back to topic.

We are not going back to the old routine. There is no way I can get back the slot on Tues and Thurs after giving them up. And I realise Yvette really miss her Mandarin Playclub more than the English.  So I signed her up for that on Wed & Fri class. Going back to the same teachers. I change her swimming to Monday. Going to miss Pam.

Yvette going to be busy.

I also accepted May’s mummy offer. They are heading back to Denmark for holiday and she offered me 7 classes at a nominal value and I gladly take up. So I will be heading class for 5 days per week including her swimming for 3 weeks.

That is not enough… I already signed Yvette up for another enrichment class on Sunday 3 months back.

Suddenly I become so Kiasu. This is what we call typical Singaporean!

P/S: I took up the offer because I didn’t want the slot goes empty as they already paid for it. And the enrichment class is long planned. I wanted to pick up the skill teaches in class and I never plan to continue later. So for the next two months, Yvette will be very busy.

12 thoughts on “Childcare, Preschool, I Got All Line Out Finally

  1. Lazymummy & Littlekaikai,

    Yeah, a very busy month for once. I really hope I won’t become parents who pack our children with classes after classes.

    Oh, I am sending her for lapbooking class. I want to learn the skill, so she will be the guinea pig!

    • Thru Magazine.

      I been wanting to learn more on lapbooking. There are many sites give guidance but I trust the teacher is a good teacher. (Oh yes, I read her blog.)

      So rather trial and error, I rather learn it and teach Yvette accordingly. So you have signed up your child for next term in JGC or this booklappinng course?

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