Who don’t own more than a pair of shoes? Especially women, I think usually we own more than 3 pairs of shoes. Even I don’t work, I have more than 4 pairs of shoes to choose for every outing we go.

Yvette loves shoes. She loves shoes more than me. So much more. Sometimes I find her is too young into it.

As a mother, I usually stock up her shoes during Sales, especially Great Singapore Sales. This round I manage to get her 4 pairs of shoes at good price.

These two pairs of Shoes from Colettee cost me S$16.90 each. I got size 25 for the white shoes and size 23 for the pink. Yvette could wear the pink now and I can keep the white till she outgrown other shoes.


I like this pair of Sneakers from Clarks and it only cost me S$29. The shoes size is 22.5 but then it is so much bigger. I think the insole is around 16 or 17. I got the white Colettee and this pair of shoes from OG during sales and OG member entitles another 5 to 10%  discount on top of this sales price. (Too bad I have forgotten my SIL is OG member.)


The last piece is my from my favourite brand – OshKosh. I got this for S$29 and also forgotten my sister is a member and missed out the additional 5%.


That shoes above is Size 7 and her current sandal is Size 5. And she been wearing it since she was 20 mths.


We been getting this brand of shoes for her since she turned one and we find this brand really reliable especially Yvette doesn’t walk very well. They are very durable and lasting too. I find having a pair of good shoes is so important for her. And all these shoes have never cost me more than S$30 to get them. (The 2nd pair of shoes is her first sandal. She worn it for more than 9 mths.)


Not all her shoes are brought by us. My SIL  is another contributor too. She has gotten her more than 4 pairs of shoes. (1 pair already outgrown.)

I like this pair of shoes but there is sign Yvette is about to outgrown it. SIL specially brought this shoes for Yvette when we were travelling to HK.


I totally forgotten this pair of shoes and left them on the bench.


And this last pair was a gift from SIL for Yvette’s first birthday. Yvette still can’t wear because the size is too big for her.


As most of the shoes that Yvette outgrown are still in good condition. I have kept them in the box and put them on the shoes rack right at the top.


For the existing shoes, they are all within Yvette’s reach because she is already taking off and wearing her own shoes now.



9 thoughts on “Shoes

    • Don’t know your comment goes to Spam box.

      Hey, I ask you to buy shoes because they are selling very cheap. (Some less than 10 bucks.) For boys don’t need to match with dress or skirt ma… they only got pants and most of the pants colour are brown, blue, Orange. I hardly see pink, yellow, flora print, green, purple… two shoes should be enough.

      Yvette usually got 3 pairs of shoes unless shoes are given by friends or SIL or niece.

  1. How coincidence! It’s shoes changing season for Chloe too.

    So nice Yvette can wear clarks & osh kosh shoes, chloe can’t cos her feet are G cut so it’s always tough to find shoes for her. Most of the time I get from Colette too.

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