Impromptu Trip to Siloso Beach @ Sentosa

I was really careless today. I packed her training pant into her bag and forgotten to bring it out (for the first time). She pooped onto the only pant she was wearing and that’s it.

She was wearing her pant without any “protection” for the whole afternoon. And we headed beach.

We passed by this little playground owned by pub along the beach. It is supposed for their customer, however, we  were not stop by them and we stay there for half an hour.




Our cheeky girl had great time there. (I think she miss playing with the Toy House, the sand, the rocking horse.)

The weather didn’t look promising. It looks like it’s going to rain anytime. But there were crowds.


This girl was really happy to see water. She wanted to go into it and we tried very hard to stop her.


It’s hard to push a stroller on the sand. Instead of push, D find pulling it easier.


Yvette tried very hard to get into the water again and this round she almost soaked herself in. I have to pull her out because I didn’t prepare any toiletries.We still have some sand play before I changed  her.


I changed her into another set of outfit after washing her under water. (Luckily I kept her extra clothing in another bag.)


We didn’t head home. I called my sister who’s still at home to bring extra clothing for Yvette and toiletries for me to clean her. We were out for dinner with my sister and her bf.


4 thoughts on “Impromptu Trip to Siloso Beach @ Sentosa

  1. I was there on Sat too. Lots of fun at the beach but didn’t see the playground done up by the pub! Just as well or we’ll have trouble leaving. haha!

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