Term 4 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 1

Somehow I miss bring Yvette out. As I didn’t sign up Yvette for any class with JGC, we been staying at home (of course due to weather and World Cup) for the pass 4 days and I am really dying to get out of the house with Yvette.

I actually got call from her new school informing that Yvette could start her playgroup with the existing class while waiting for the new class to start. For some reasons, I feel like delaying her admission to this school. One reason is, Yvette will be in waitlist for her swimming as currently there is no vacancy for her on the weekend.

Anyway, the school is renovated.




A room was built for the admin staff. She was very happy with the new room. They changed the Orange Tent into Blue Tent which I find fresher and brighter.

Pam was back finally after 6 weeks. She looks good at least. I hope she will heal herself back soon.


Pam noticed Yvette has made a great progress after not swimming for 2 weeks. Pam also noticed Yvette grown taller and bigger.

After class, while making our way to Giant to get some pork rib, I entered a shop selling a lot of musical instruments.

Yes, unfortunately, Musik Box in Turf City is closing down and the owner is currently looking for a new premises for her new school. (I spoken to Karen, the owner.) I got some Easter Egg (something I’ve been searching for), 2 kazoos and 4 Chicken Shake for S$10.



Yvette was extremely happy I got that for her and she was extremely well-behave too. We spent sometime in the supermarket and had our lunch there. We also bumped into our neighbour who was there for lunch.

We took the shutter bus back to inter-change and Yvette walked all her way home from inter-change. (Okay, she is not someone who likes to walk. I still carry her a lot.)

What a surprise!


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