Terrible Two – Testing The Limit


Of late, I have problem asking Yvette or I should say Yvette is no longer taking initiative putting away her toys after she took them out. (In the past, I  am always her assistance.) She always makes mess and I have to clear her toys away. Every day I have to wrestle with her on this issue and it seem like she isn’t listening to my calling anymore.

(Another reason I don’t like her to mess out her toys and left them on the floor because my FIL can’t see anymore (He can only see shadow now.) If she leaves everything on the floor, it can be hazard to my FIL.)

Yesterday I got so mad with her after she took out all the accessories of her play dough and left them on the floor; blocking my FIL’s way to the kitchen. I finally couldn’t keep my eye shut and started shouting at  her to put them away but she shut me out totally.

Naturally I got mad. I spanked her, put her to Naughty Corner but she still didn’t submit. I remember Sonya told me stubbornness is part of Taurus. So if she didn’t want to give in, I will have hard time to make her to do. And true enough, it took me one hour to make her keep those toys. (Within this hour, she was crying all the way.)

Today, the history repeats.

She refused to keep those toys away. So I put her in one of the room to fix back the puzzle. She cried and it took her awhile to fix the puzzle too.

I know I can’t battle with her on the same issue every day, making both of us so upset. So I thought very hard and finally come out with a solution – that is to keep the toys together with her (now she becomes the assistance) so that she can keep up with this good habit instead of just me putting away her toys for her.


16 thoughts on “Terrible Two – Testing The Limit

  1. Yes, relax a bit and be patient. Some children respond better with softer approach. For my boy (stubborn bull), i let him play with max 1-2 sets of toys at a time. If he wants something else, he needs to try keeping and exchange for the new toy he wants to play with. We keep the toys together and make it fun with lots of praises and encouragement.

    Before meals, naps & night bedtime, we tidy up before moving to eat / rest, unless time is very tight. With such a routine, keeping toys become a habit. All the best! 🙂

    • MieVee,

      Think my daughter and your son can be great pal! She is Taurus and is as stubborn as bull.

      The current setting of the toys do not only allow her to get one toy but many. So it is hard for me to control.

      I did the same as you too. Before meals, naps and bedtime, we will put those toys away.

      It’s already a habit for Yvette to put the toys away since young but then now she change. Perhaps I should start singing the clean up song we learnt from JGC again with her/ Anyway, keep the toys with her method work for us for now.

      Keep my fingers cross!

  2. It’s an issue that I’ve faced since my boy could throw and pick up things. I try singing the “clean up” song that he learns at playgroup. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Whether through nagging or otherwise, I try to get him to keep away his toys before moving on to the next item. When he’s in a good mood, I can see him keeping things away in their usual place before moving on. Since he usually models our behaviour, I guess we adopt the “we clean, he assists” way of getting him in the habit. It’s a lifelong thing – some adults are messier than my boy so just keep trying lor.

  3. Hi mummy, I just saw e msg u left in my tweet. Sorry for e late reply. My girl’s with sparkletots. 🙂

    I understand how u feel. Why not try singing, keep the toys song to her or get a few books on good habits? Encourage her with a big hug as reward and let her u still love her no matter what. 🙂

    • Hi hi Mummy Cendrine,

      Thanks for poping by.

      Thanks for pointing out I should encourage her again and let her know I still love her no matter what. I think I have to go back to singing that what we did in the past too.

      On Side Note: I been reading you sliently although I never comment. I left you message on Tweet so long ago till I remove you cos I see you actually didn’t use Tweet (the way suppose to be.) Do pop by more often. Love the Tender Loving way you take care of your only daughter!

  4. I see ur day is full of excitement huh.. Mami and I was laughing at the ‘crybaby’ when we saw the pic.. Sooooo ‘xin yee’

  5. cheryl u niece so cute le haha happen see u other blog den see this blog haha.. lols … wow your niece like beri diffcult to deal with haha wow

  6. I think the “clean up the toys with them” method works. I am also facing this problem with my younger boy everyday. It is really difficult to hold my temper having to face with the tantrum so many times a day. 😦

    • Yeah, “Clean up the toys with them” works now for us.

      I agree with you. It’s really difficult to hold my temper too after facing numerous requests and tantrum from Yvette.

      This post serve as reflection too.

      For the past two days, I been very nasty with Yvette, making her cry most of the time. Hubby actually requested me not too. :S She had night terror too due to this.

      Sigh. It never easy to become a mother.

      I am using the soft approach now and it work better. I need I need to keep my mind working all the times instead of getting angry with her.

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