Our First World Cup 2010 Betting


D and I brought our first bet from Singapore pool for the coming two matches. And yes, I am staying awake for the next match that will be featuring on our National TV. (Not because I bet ok. How can miss out Semi-Final Matches?)

I been watching World Cup via internet. And of course the streaming is not fantastic at all.

Oh well, it’s free, don’t expect too much!

Nevertheless, I would say the outcome of all the matches gave plenty of surprises where Italy and France (I supported France due to Zidane) created an unwanted history. But I am really happy English is out. (I was once England supporter due to EPL but then as time passes, I find the players are over-rated now. They are more into personal glory rather than for the country.

My heart goes for Argentina. This country is my all time favourite. I was really upset when they lost to Germany. Very poor in reacting Germany’s counter attack. Perhaps due to their coach is an attacker and have forgotten they need to defend!!!

Ok, that it, I am off for match now!


2 thoughts on “Our First World Cup 2010 Betting

  1. ** side topic …

    The last world cup, me and hubby made a big bet over Italy and France..
    If i win, i get my 1k shopping spree all expenses by hubby
    If he wins, he going to a vacation all expenses incurred by me

    Due to Zidane, i got my shopping spree ~~~~

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