Books Yvette Read in June 2010

During the June Holiday, we read a lot but restricted to some books only. Far Far Away! was definitely a hit. Besides Wow! Said the Owl & FisherPrice – Let’s Go to School shared in this post, she also read these two books:


MY Little Polar Bear by Claudia Rueda is the book for our Homeschooling Theme for Letter P (which I am just too lazy to pen down).  Yvette doesn’t like this book at all. She didn’t bother to look much into the illustration as well.

Personally, I like this book. It’s has “almost” same ending as Far Far Away. (Both baby animals know that how much their parents love them.)

This book is about where the Polar Bear come from. How they lived? How they survived? It cover the full life cycle of a Polar Bear with impressive illustration.

I got hold of this book for 3 weeks and Yvette happily deposited it into the return box outside the library.


Dear Zoo from Rod Campbell is another hit. She loves it because it is another a Lift-The-Flap Book.

Lift-The-Flap book is always a hit for Yvette. She doesn’t like to look at illustration but whenever I pass any of such book to her, she will be hooked. If your child has the same problem like Yvette, try to introduce them more such book.

Oh yes, I got this book for S$2.90 from the second hand book store share by Sam at Thomson Plaza.


4 thoughts on “Books Yvette Read in June 2010

  1. I thought the polar bear one looked promising! But I guess kids have their own preferences, ours loves those on Mog the cat (I have no idea why though!), and can ask us to read them 4 times in one sitting! Oh, another place you might want to go to source for those lift the flap books would be Salvation Army. My mum bought quite a few decent ones from there, in good condition, and at a very cheap price!

    • Oh that nice to know ZhiEn like Dear Zoo.

      Yeah, I made a very silly mistake on the spelling on feet. And it is time to change too. It is too boring to have the same all the time.

      Happy to know that you think is nice. Worth the work!

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