Far Far Away!

Ok, I am late in posting my monthly entry about the book of the month for June. One obviously reason being late is, too much happening for the past few days especially celebrating my SIL and my niece birthday together.

Anyway, before I proceed to the next post, let me share how this book Far Far Away by John Segal proven my doubt over reading a loud to Yvette.


Yvette is never really a reader. I spend a lot of time reading a loud to her and she did not like to look at illustration. Situation improves after I manage to find the right book for her and since then, she likes to read together with me more. (And looking at the illustration now.)

When June Holiday starts, I went to library to pick up some books for her. And I got this book Far Far Away by chance.

This book is about piglet decides to run away and his mother tells him what he needs to bring along. The story is written entirely in dialogue, with the mother’s voice indicated by italics. The minimal text, containing mostly one- or two-syllable words, makes this picture book an effective beginning reader. And this made our reading more interesting and it does encourage Yvette to read together with me.

I told Yvette she will be the little piglet and I am the mum. We will be doing role play reading. Initially, she only like the book a lot and will make everyone in the house read to her again and again. (Usually I will read 3-4 times per day, D will read at least once and my sister will read at once too.)

So sooner or later, she could read memorise the whole book. Initially I also thought she only remember all the dialogue but then I was again proven wrong because she could get some word correctly when she is tested by one of the interactive learning application on iPod –  Teach Me Kindergarten.


In short, she is really reading!?!?!? But I still think there is an element of memorization.

I managed to video a clip of her reading together with me for keepsake. (I love her babyish voice.) She do make some mistakes every now and then; especially the Prepositions. And this is not the best version she could read. The book is big; as such making the recording more difficult. I was rushing thru to video it down as well. (Again, I scare she will jump ship not want to complete reading the whole book. Another reason, she read very fast in the beginning.)

Here the dialogue of the book:

That’s it. I’m leaving. Tonight. Forever. You can’t stop me.

Where are you going?

Away. Far far away from here!


Yeah. I’m going.


I TOLD you already! AWAY. Far far away from HERE!

How will you get there?

On my BIKE.

At night? You’ll will get a light.


And your helmet.


Where will you sleep?

On the ground.

And if it rains?

I’ll get wet.

You might want to bring a tent… a sleeping bag… a warm coat… your blanky…..

And Chester?

Yes, of course, Chester!

And Tiger? And Max and Rudolph, too?

Yes, of course, darling.

And Buttons… and Race Car… and Cowboy… and Scout?

Why, of course!



If there anything else you want to bring… maybe a piece of cakes?

CAKE? There’s cake?

Yes, darling, but it’s not done, and you’re all ready to go…

Go? I’m not going anywhere. I have everything I need right here.

I like the ending very much!!! And here the clip of my child reading her favourite book together with me.


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