We Miss Yvette with Hair Clips

I been trying my best to trick convince Yvette to put on hair clips. One of the reason I need her hair to neatly pin up with clips because her fringes got longer each day and her hair at the back is still not long for another hair cut. (The cost of getting hair cut is very expensive you know!!!)

Nevertheless, my attempt fail again even with D’s help.




P.S: Sometimes, the outcome of the pictures really make me want to own a DSLR. Cheryl, can you buy one soon?


3 thoughts on “We Miss Yvette with Hair Clips

  1. Hmmm, have you tried the sports mode on your camera if there is one? I think the main problem is kids are constantly moving, so it can get blurry, but if its on sports mode the settings may allow you to capture images at a faster shutter speed (ie less blurring). 🙂

    • Yes I did.

      And I do have to admit, I don’t have a very stable hand at times when i am taking pictures. Of course, our kids are constantly moving!!!!

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