We Head East for Sales

It is just too bored to stay at home, at least for me.

It was again raining in the morning and we couldn’t even head market (usually we will be out for breakfast on Sat and Sun) for Breakfast. D went out to get food for us.

Fast Forward.

Since it was raining, there is no other way to do any activity outdoor, we have to stay indoor.


After thinking where to go, I check out Singapore Expo Events Calendar and was convinced it “worthwhile” to head there. I called my SIL to join us and she agreed.

We went for 2 Sales but I have to keep one in as secret for now.

In Robinsons Sale, I managed to grab some items for Yvette and myself. D couldn’t get anything. I would say the price I paid for Yvette’s clothing is consider a good catch.

Airport 03.07

After the shopping trip, we were all tired and decided to head Airport for food. (Yvette was still sleeping when we travelled to T3.)

We woke Yvette up upon reaching the airport and we took a sky train from T2 to T3 and Yvette had great fun posing for me.


Since we have never try eating at the Food Court before, we decided to give it a try. It was really difficult to find a seat and it took us awhile.

After our food, we headed down to the playground. And I found out Yvette motor skill has improved. She could stand on the turning platform and twisted and turned her body by holding the bar.


There are several stations for Kids but Yvette only stay at Playground.


I went over to see the Slide. It is currently the Singapore Tallest Slide @ T3. We didn’t join in the fun as it’s not meant for Yvette. (I think Sam told me min. Height is 90 cm?)


We didn’t stay long too. I didn’t why I am soooo exhausted when Yvette was having fun in the Playground. I requested to leave airport to head home.

We took the newly Circle Line back home again and find the journey is indeed much shorter (although a difference of 4 MRT stations). And most important, we manage to get seat on our ride back home.


Almost Empty Train from Bishan Inter-change station to Toa Payoh


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