Rain and Flood


I use to like raining day but since then I became a mum, I sort of hating it! It get more difficult to go out with our little one and we have to stay indoor due to rain.

Of late, the rain not only brings us water and we start to experience flood not only once but many times in June when rain get heavier or I should say pouring.

When it floods for the first time ever in Orchard road in Dumplings festive, I am glad I did not sign up Yvette for holiday programme with JGC. If not, both of us will have to swim all our way to Forum!

Yesterday we experienced the first flood ever. We had lunch at Toa Payoh Central and after lunch, I need to head home because I have forgotten camera. I carried Yvette back home (left the stroller with my SIL and nephew), it was pouring and I didn’t want to leave Yvette with them. Our journey back home was cold and wet. My shoes were totally wet and Yvette was not spared either. I have to change her shoes because the socks were wet. I can’t imagine how some mothers are coping bring their children back after school.

I remember I experienced the first flood with my mum and brother when I was in primary school living at Margaret Drive. My mum changed our shoes into slipper and put on the raincoat for us. She removed some books from our bags and we walked home together. That time the water was at our knee level. It was fun honestly.

But now I doubt it will be any fun for both parent and child? While most mothers are working, leaving their child to maids and other caregiver, as well as the school might not be just a stone away from the house, mothers will be worry when their child is travelling back home.

So, I really hope our Govt. will put in their best to solve the flooding problem.


3 thoughts on “Rain and Flood

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  2. Bringing kids out when it rains is really frustrating… with the raincoat, stroller shield, umbrella and wet shoes. 2 hands suddenly seems not enough! I got to hold Jayden hand, push the stroller and carry an umbrella. 😦

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