Celebrating my SIL’s Birthday – We Watch Toy Story 3 with Yvette for the First Time

Yes, today is my SIL and her younger daughter birthday. But my niece need to work and couldn’t take leave today. So only my SIL and her son (my nephew is waiting to enter the uni now.) came out with me and Yvette.

Hubby had a meeting in the morning, eg 7.30 am. and he couldn’t make it to office and decided to hold the meeting from home.

Fast forward.

We had lunch together at Hot Breath Cafe in Toa Payoh Central. This cafe is having promotion for lunch at S$12 nett which we find worthwhile to give it a try again. Hubby left for work and I headed home with Yvette because I have forgotten to bring along the camera.

Finally we made our trip down to Cathy Cineplexes at Handy Road and brought 3 tickets for S$6 each. (Yvette is free.) (Ask for Aisle Seat as I always did when I fly on the plane.) This is the first time ever, in fact, this is the first movie I watch after 3 years.


Listening to iPod while waiting for my SIL to buy ticket

After reading so many rave comments about Toy Story 3, I decided to give this movie a try but then being a first timer, I am really worried Yvette will make hell of noise inside the theater or I have to carry her throughout the show or worst still, she will ask me to go out of the theater. To keep Yvette entertained, I brought a lot of food in for her. Pop corn, cup corn and sweet. (Learn tips from Lazymummy.)


And I am glad we make it. I would not say Yvette was not cranky at all. She watched 60% of movies, 10% on iPod (I know is not good due to poor lighting but no choice, it will not be good if I refuse to give it to her and she will make hell of noise in the theater.) 10% moving around, 10% out of the hall because she peed (I forgotten she need to release herself) and last 10% busy asking me for sweet. (She was busying eating pop corn all the way besides occasionally asking for sweet.) The only thing I regret not doing so was, I should take my SIL’s suggestion that they moved inward to another empty seat so that I can sit beside Yvette (yeah, Yvette wanted to sit on her own.) instead on sitting on the stairway. My back was aching after the show but I manage to catch 85% of the show, which I think she did well being a first timer and for a someone who almost never watch show on the TV at home.

On the whole, this movie is not just funny, but also very touching as well. It got me all emotional, that I even felt I should take good care of Yvette’s toys even more. (Hey, I always ask Yvette to be gentle to her toys because sometimes she handle them very roughly.) I might even want to get all the DVDs for Yvette to watch them in the future.


After the show, finishing her cup corn


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