Celebrating my SIL’s Birthday – The Second Half of The Day

After the show, we took a train to Promenade Station to Parco Shopping Mall. None of us has ever visited this mall and we find this mall quite and classy. Perhaps today is a Thursday and most people is working that make the mall so quite.

MPH in Parco is offering 30% off for children books and I can’t help to walk in the store and grab 4 books for Yvette. (Anyway since Govt. give us some money for GST rebate today, why not?)


After getting books for Yvette, we moved on to Singapore Flyer. This is the real purpose we were here. My SIL and her son haven’t took the Flyer before. My niece, her elder daughter gave her two free tickets so that she can enjoy the ride. (No one will disagree with me taking free ride is shiok!)


I didn’t take the ride because Yvette already dozed off and I find no point going up if Yvette didn’t get to see the view. I brought myself a drink and sit in Popeyes. I pen down my next entry using my iPod Touch and listen to the Live Band while Yvette was sleeping. I am certainly amaze how my girl could sleep when the surrounding is so noisy. (I didn’t take any picture because I passed the camera to my SIL.)

My nephew took some pictures up there but the result wasn’t very good. (Perhaps due to the weather or the ability of our camera.)


After the ride we headed to Marina Square for dinner. D and my niece, Capri joined us. We have our dinner at Dian Xiao Er because I missed the duck. We were too busy eating and we never took any picture of our food.

We then proceeded to Kenko for Fish Spa (again for me.) (Yeah I told you already, I am addicted to it now!!!)


After that, while walking back to Marina Square, we tried to take picture of Yvette as Buzz after we passed by Swensen’s.

SIL - 01.07

How can a Birthday Celebration end without a cake? We brought a cake home. Yvette was all excited over the cake cutting. It’s as though celebrating her birthday again!


And the funniest part of the cake cutting was, when Cheryl asked for plate for the cake, Yvette quickly headed toward her kitchen and fetch us her plate. And yes, she was served (washed and cleaned) with her plate!!!




A happy girl after the cake was served on her plate!


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