Celebrating my SIL’s Birthday – My SIL Thru my Eye

Thru my eye, my SIL is a woman of strength.

She raises her 3 kids all by herself. Giving them all the emotional & financial support. Many of us (can’t deny) find very hard just to cope with one kid (that including myself).  And a handful of us will stop at one. Looking at how she is coping with her kids by herself, all I can say “she’s AWESOME”!

Nobody will disagree with me, kids bring tons of joy. And 1 is never enough. (And I have to admit, I was once thinking 1 is enough. Although I used to think 4 will be good but then after having one, I think two will be just good enough.)

She has 3. 3 beautiful and handsome kids and they bring tons of joy not only to her, including us.

Yvette loves 3 of them very much as we are very close. 3 of them spend a decent time with Yvette, especially Cheryl. My SIL is a very supportive one especially when I was expecting Yvette. She gave me so much help and I really appreciate a lot. It never easy to keep good term with in-law and I am grateful I have someone close to seek for help as and when I need.

But we human are not perfect. The only thing I dislike about my SIL is she always late for our appointment.  (Ok, something to confess. After we have Yvette, we couldn’t keep our time for appointment too.)  And nobody is perfect. And we, as a family, must always learn to give and take. 家和万事兴!

(I feel I will not be truthful to myself if I never pen this down. )

Lastly, the recent ad from MCYS paints a realistic picture of family life. It got me into tear after watching the ad. With that, I do hope all her children will grow up remembering how much their mother had her fair share of difficulties and made many sacrifices to raise them, always making sure they remained close and had only the best in her capacity.

Er Jie, Happy Birthday to you! May you stay healthy and happy forever!

P.S.: Today is also her younger daughter birthday… Happy Birthday to you, Capri…. Study hard and stay beautiful.

P.P.S: This is a back-dated post ya.


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