Apart from rice, noodles & bread; carrot is something we eat almost every day.

From Black bean, Peanut to Soya Bean.

From Shark-Fin Melon, Green Melon, to Winter Melon.

From Radish, Lotus Root, Old Cucumber to Potato.

Carrot goes so well with everything I listed above.

We have soup every day and carrot is one of the ingredients. And Yvette simply loves it.


The nutritional benefits from carrot are marvellous! It contains more than 490 phytochemicals (plant, or fruit derived chemical compounds). Beta-carotene is one of the most antioxidants in the carrot, and helps the immune system to target and destroy cancer cells in the body. It also prevents DNA variation and fat oxidation, and protects cells against free radicals.

However there are some myths about if we eat too many carrots, our skin will turn orange. I did a google on this topic, a lot of information provided over the World Wide Web and I found this person doing something really interesting. (Note: One pound equals approximately 0.454 kilograms.)

Anyway we (4 of us in the family including my sister) are only eating about 2 carrots daily and I don’t think it will bring us any harm, eg turning ourselves into orange. In fact I think we’re actually benefited from it.


5 thoughts on “Carrot

  1. Carrot is rich in one betatine.. something, right? anti cancerous too.. but eat too much, skin will turn yellowish.. 🙂 good health information here..

  2. Actually my boy got a little yellowish at one point as he was eating either carrot, pumpkin, or papaya or two of the items everyday. He especially loves papaya. So now we spread it out to every other day or only one such carotene item on the day. It’s good that Yvette likes carrot, very healthy!

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