June 2010 Holiday Over

In the blink of an eye, the school holiday is over. But still not over for us.

I went down to the school today to check the status of Yvette’s enrolment and found out there, the earliest the class to start will be somewhere in Mid-July or latest Early August.

Oh well.

But I am not going to plan much activity for her. I like the current status and will like to remain as it is. So I will still wanting to go for playdate, more outing during the weekday (and since holiday is over. Less crowd.)

Round up for June holiday, I realise, I do achieve quite a lot for Yvette and myself.

For Yvette:

I brought Yvette to Library twice.

I did two weeks of homeschooling with Yvette. (In fact I did 3. We covered letter P too but I was really too lazy to post it up here.)

I started to let Yvette help out more in housework which I firmly believe this will be good for us in long run. (Read this article – Chores help prepare kids for adult life.)


I arranged for two playdates, although I hope I can do more. Of course we miss Velda & Zac for June as Stella was too busy with her work.

I brought her out to several places on my own and together with D as well.


For myself:

I went for two interviews with the same company but yet receive any news from them.

I cut my hair after a long long time.

I went facial too. My face finally get fixed. (Sound serious.)

I pick up bookscraping and scrap one as a gift for D for Father’s Day. I also plan to do a digital one which I think I will take longer time to complete.

I packed the living hall again.

I sort out all the homeschooling materials as well.

I met up with my two BFF yesterday. (We are good pals since Primary One & Two.) One of them I have not seen her since Yvette turned one and found out she was pregnant with number 3. Meeting two pregnant (one is first time parent) women for meal can be bad experience. Hahaha… because they eat a lot and expect me to eat with them!!! And worst of all, I feel I wanted to be pregnant like them!!! (I didn’t know being pregnant is a contagious disease that will spread???)

Oh yes, during our outing, I did Fish Spa again with the first time mother. I am totally addicted to it now.

What an eventful holiday we had! But there is one thing I don’t like but it happens! I put on a Kg during this holiday. I think too much good food… 😦


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