Art Garden @ Singapore Art Museum (8Q SAM)

We took the newly in service circle line to Bras Basah station which currently is the closest MRT station just next to SAM.


SAM is currently exhibiting their first –ever Children’s Season during this school holidays. This exhibition is to introduce art to young children in an interactive and fun family environment. The activities in this exhibition keep Yvette really busy during our 3 hours in the Museum.

Of course we saw Walter before we entered the exhibition hall.


While D was paying for our entrance fee (S$10 for Adult, $5 for children above 6 & Children under 6 go in for Free), Yvette already can’t wait to get in. She removed her shoes and hop in Walter’s Garden where the kids could pick up the grass cushion that are around Walter’s garden.

As she entered this garden herself, she was caught hold by the staff in charge. To our surprise, she wasn’t even cried nor was she afraid. She just sat there patiently waiting for us to fetch her?


Instead of starting our journey from Level 2, we went up to Level 4.

There are two exhibition halls at each level and all of them have activities to keep our children busy and depleting their energy. (And do expect a long post from me.) J

Stop in Here and Get into the Motion @ Level 4

We were greeted by plenty of Chocolate when we first entered the exhibition hall. Kids being kids, they will always curious to touch whenever thing they see especially sweet. Yvette was really happy to see chunky chocolates on the display and was rather upset that she was not allowed to touch.


Besides the chocolate on the display, there are Ladybug & Shoes on the display.



The artist, Choon Lin uses an art technique called Stop-Motion Animation to create her fantasy world of monsters, Ringmaster and chocolate wrapper toys. Stop-motion animation makes use of a continuous sequence of actions and movements performed by characters or objects set against a back drop or storyline.

Here are the monsters on the wall.


Here are some other monsters around which I have no idea what they are made of.

SAM 26.06

Lastly I find these three pieces of Art amazing.

Jelly Art

Funky Forest & Daisies @ Level 4

This is a hit for all for all of us. Kids having fun running to & fro from one exhibition hall to another (There are two exhibition halls in this room.) without a need to worry they will get lost

A funky forest is created where the kids can have fun growing tree on the gallery walls using their body and hands.



We spent 15 mins there to let Yvette ran free all by herself.

I couldn’t get a nice picture of Yvette running to and fro because of the lighting and speed. And she spent a long time stepping on those Daisies by Theodore Watson on the floor. (This is the best picture we have in our camera.)

Can you spot where is Yvette?


The Enchanted Forest @ Level 3

The Enchanted Forest by Sandra Lee (The Artist) was created especially for children and the child at heart. She was inspired by nursery rhymes and classic children literature. So we can find many animals in her painting.




There is an art corner for us to design and colour our butterfly. D drawn and designed helped Yvette with one. And we paste our final art work on the wall just like many other do.



Honestly, I don't think look like watermelon!

Floribots @ Level 3

Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, an artist from Australia, used paper and various other materials to create a robotic, mechanical flower that grows quickly from a bud into an open, full-bloom flower. These flowers can sense your movements and grown according to how fast or slow you move.


Yvette seemed to understand the trick behind. She keep raising her hand faster and faster to see the flower growing and blooming.


Up, up, up

There is another Art and Craft Corner in this exhibition hall. Colour paper are left at one corner that most of us could reach easily, even Yvette could help herself. While D busying making Origami Flower, Yvette was busying tearing paper!!!


I would say Level 2 is the most relax exhibition hall we will be visiting.

Programme Space @ Level 2

This exhibition is all about doing Art work and presenting the Art work done by the children using recycle materials.


There is one section with Tables & Chairs which I believe some lessons will be conducted but during our visit, there were none going on. And D and Yvette busying doing art work again.


Moving Image Gallery @ Level 2

This exhibition hall is about featuring education movies. When we were there, the screen was playing Alphabet sound movie. There are a list of programmes and so you won’t be bored if you stay there for even longer period of time.



Unfortunately we have a dinner appointment after this. But then spending 3-4 hours there is definitely more the sufficient. And Yvette was so tired after the tour.


See so much activities for the little one. So make a trip down to the Children’s Art Garden at the Singapore Art Musuem before its end on 18th July 2010!


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